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 AJ Solution Providing a Custom Plastic Fabrication

AJ Solutions machining
41911 Osgood Road Fremont CA 94539 USA

AJ Solution Machining specialized in CNC plastic machining and turned components, precision plastic machining, and plastic fabrication.

For precision CNC plastic machining requirements, we have developed lathe tooling technology capable of delivering superior surface finishes and optical clarity. Our continuous upgrades on CNC equipment has allowed us to maintain our position as a premier CNC plastic fabricator.

AJ Solutions provides unique & precision services in our machine shop in Fremont CA. We also offer our industry standard plastic fabrication. We strive to supply the most efficient Machining and plastic fabrication services possible to reduce unnecessary times and deliver your products on time without compromising quality.

CNC Plastic Machining & Turning Fremont CA

AJ Solutions Machining providing a customs plastic fabrication by PRECISION CNC MACHINING. We work with all plastics, several metals and offer a wide variety of manufacturing services. Our plastic fabrication capabilities are number one in bay area California. Through innovative and skillful uses of turning, milling, we produce all kinds of durable, precision plastic fabrication parts. Please contact us for more details.

Our CNC plastic machining equipment can process a broad range of components from micro turning to 20 inches in diameter. AJ Solution Machining equipped with milling heads and sub spindles, our plastics’ CNC lathes can produce many parts complete with efficient cycle times. We produce the best and most consistent CNC plastic parts that are made without secondary operations such as deburring.

  • Our CNC lathe capabilities include:
  • General purpose and Swiss turning
  • 2, 4, 5, & 6 axis lathes
  • Prototype through long run quantities
  • Lights-out operation
  • Mill turn capabilities
  • (Live mill tools with full C axis)
  • Programming via MasterCam

AJ Solutions Machining has the equipment to get your parts made on time with unparalleled accuracy. We have some of the most talented and experienced staff in Bay area California and are capable of turning any print into a reality in our state of the art Automation milling and turning centers.

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